Thursday, October 8, 2015

Repeat the Day / Take Two

Still Thursday, October 8

Between Facebook, Instagram, messages, email, living life, walking, lecturing at the University, buying paper to coat with cyanotype chemistry, I am usually too tired to write much here and hy photographs get all mixed up and deleted, restored, posted and shared, liked and is a selfie I took in a department store bathroom to show Kiri-san that I am wearing and loving the polka dotted dress she gave me when I arrived!

 the interior of the A-Bombed Peace Dome, off-limits
 Atomic Stonehenge
 A shrine in my neighborhood
 Mayumi making connections for me with artists in Fukushima. I go Saturday!
 A sign I very much wish I could take and call it my art.
 I love this tower - reminds me of Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.
 A temple on my way home - very LA.
 Want this store sign
 Elevator in the Sun Mall

 The center of the Art Building -= lots of concrete and traditional neo-classical figurative sculpture
 Sculpture yard - lots of abandoned half-finished and assignment pieces
 skull in and out of wood
 love this raccoonmaker
 her mom made her this case for her laptop, hand sewn velcro!
 and this raccoon head out of work gloves....

 selfie at bus center, waiting
 pattern for Joy Drury Cox
 in the river

 cracked sign

Walking, Bus, Lecture, Art School, Fragments, Collecting

Thursday, October 8

I always set out every day to catch the tram but end up walking everywhere instead because the October sun here is as hot as the September sun in North Carolina and there is a breeze and searing light and an intensity to everything. Every day starts with breakfast at the World Friendship Center with rotating guests - couples from Europe, American journalists, Swiss physical therapists.....the conversations turn around nuclear issues, peace, capitalism, conflict, changing the world, travels, information, hope and connections. I reintroduce myself each morning because the guests change. Guests ask me how I am so positive and energetic doing such dark work. Little do they know. We all have facades, public attitudes and the face we show the world. Alone is another story. I hum when I walk. I am quiet most of the day, walking.....

I love this "fire escape" ladder in the Friendship Center courtyard between the maine house and the "villa" where I stay. Last night I felt like a college kid listening to Arcade Fire while I made collages...

 The cenotaph was designed by Kenzo Tange. From what I understand, Noguchi could not design it because he was half-American. Tange insisted that Noguchi be allowed to design a set of bridges and he did. Click here for more information.

 The A-Bomb Peace Dome stands in silent witness, as evidence, a reminder, a ruin in the center of town, visited by crowds all day long....
 A tree wrapped with rope near the Dome

 A-Bombed roof tiles that were shattetred and scattered around the sculpture yard at Hiroshima City University. I collected a bag full today with which to make photograms....
 The sculpture tech's raccoon made out of styrofoam and garbage bags. She got her PhD in visual art at the University. She has talent and style and is so nice. I hope she and I will travel to one of the art islands together....
 The wood, metal, stone, ceramic area is truly inspiring...
 The sculpture on the right has been left by a faculty member who made it. I want it - carved from one tree = one sculpture.....unfurling like music, a snake, intestines, fern
 I am very lucky to be here for when Chim Pom and Jason Waite come to speak about the amazing exhibition Don't Follow the Wind, a show in rthe exclusion zone in Fukushima.....I love Chim Pom's flag....

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Atomic Photographers Guild / Hiroshima City University

Tuesday, October 6
I did not post to this blog yesterday because I shot 5 rolls of b+w film with my Mamiya of A-bombed trees and buildings - a perfect flat light / overcast day with a cool breeze....walked 6 hours straight, exhausted - only enough energy to post umpteen photos to instagram > facebook. But today I must post because it was a full, busy and inspiring day. 

To be awarded a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship, a Japanese institution had to apply for / invite me. As a result, I am a visiting scholar at the Hiroshima City University, a 20 minute bus ride out of town on top of a beautiful hill....

 These are "3M steps" - concrete stairs covered with this aerial picture....

These are shattered A-bombed roof tiles. I had planned to use them somehow but between 2010 and now, someone shattered them all. I will make cynaotypes with the fragments.....

An undergraduate woman in the wood shop area. Students use an axe to make an axe. They make the axe with a slightly curved handle and they forge the blade.....amazing

Japan makes the most amazing posters and graphic design pamphlets....
 A student's project, birdhead made out of gloves
 Charlie Worthen's drawing made from exacto blades
 A blossfeldt poster - so many amazing shows NOT in Hiroshima....
 A graduate student's blue legs sculpture, a prototype or work in progress:
 This little statue stands in a studio....
 Traditional sculptures made by undergraduates. They learn craft and skill and form and technique first.

 Outside the wood shop....
 A bucket of water near the forge area

 Old sculptures by faculty and students
 A sign at the Bus Center in downtown Hiroshima...
 A view from the bus on the way into Hiroshima:
 Cai Go Qing (sp?) poster at HCU:
 A model of the Peace Park Cenotaph with another figurative sculpture:
 Charlie's studio wall
 Some of Charlie's 3D rendered prototypes for  sculptures:

 I could not believe that the darkroom sink is like our new kitchen countertops!!!!!!! This is where I will coat my cynaotype paper.....
 Have you ever heard of Dazzle Camoflauge? It is a real thing that they tried during WWII. Charlie told me about it and pulled this image up online:
 An undergraduate with his Dollok drawing (from Dr. Who - not sure if I am spelling Dollok  correctly)

 downtown Hiroshima - random door
 an undergraduate drawing that reminded me of Odilon redon:
 detail of poster
 forging area
 garlic in the international student room/studio
 hand soap dispenser - love this so much - very bauhaus

 student heads:

 This years HIROSHIMA APPEALS Poster. I got one!!!!

 Student work in progress:

 A student's lemon made out of wood:

 Student made hammers next to a store-bought axe - notice the curve of their handles - a requirement
 student head out of wood
 grad student photo poster
 World Friendship Center map with pins at places that guests come from in Europe:
 and from Asia:
 leaving my "villa" this morning = going down the stairs
 posters at Hiroshima City University > HCU - i got one of these too:
 Pillow at HCU
 Charlie's pieces:

 Poster -

 Found drawing with red hose:
 Faculty sculpture:
 student sculpture:
 Students who got married - goofing off on their wedding day. Notice her amazing hat / headdress
 studio detail
 work in progress by a grad student

 tree near my home
 tarp and plants outside wood shop
 the metal shop tech!
 traditional paper from Tokyo:
 outdoor stairwell at HCU
 wood shop - undergrad:

 circle of freshman working on their axes

Absolutely uncanny surreal lucky coincidental to be a member of the Atomic Photographers Guild and there to be an exhibition of us at the A-bombed Bank in downtown Hiroshima right after I get here - opened today - in the same building where I did rubbings and made photographs and had a solo show a few years ago. I have spent more time in this building than anywhere else in Hiroshima. LOVE the banner that greets you as you approach the building:
Not Edgerton's rapatronic photograph of the A-bomb test in the American southwest, but an image by Berlyn Brixner:
 Patrick Nagatani's Nuclear Enchantment:
 Bizarre to see a photo of ME and a print out of my cyanotype on the old bank counter - one that I once did a rubbing of for a contact print.....
 Bamboo orb
 coordinated of nuclear tragedies crimes accidents...chernobyl fukushima three mile island hiroshima....

 a protest in russia / eastern europe against nuclear power and weapons - correction, thanks Bob Del Tredici: Kazakhstan, outside the town of Karoul, on the edge of the Semipalatinsk test site. They are protesting nuclear testing (not commercial power). Their protests (over the years) were successful when Gorbachev ended Soviet nuclear testing soon after this photo was taken in 1991.

 Jessi Boylan's photograph from Australia - next to my work....

 A high school teacher's driftwood sculpture of the Trinity Site Marker:

 This young man made this replica of the A-Bomb Peace Dome out of CORK!!!!!!

 Am A-bombed railroad stone painted with the topography of the rivers in Hiroshima and "black rain":
 Sadako Sasaki's parents (Sadako is the girl who died of leukemia after folding over 1,000 paper cranes)
 Enola Gay

 A boat in a field of onions in Fukushima:
 Replicas of Little Boy and Fat Man - love this photo by Robert DelTredici - a founder of the APG - where the gloves become the arms of the bomb:

 A notebook full of exposures to radiation, notes, by/of a man who died of it

 the banner looking out into the city/sky

 Julia in Belarus with a map of the area contaminated by Chernobyl