Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hiroshima, Nagasaki Part Three and Life Here - every little moment

Saturday, November 7
I hear the rain outside
Yuzu at my friend Tomo's restaurant, Ukon, across the trip trap bridge
in my sweet neighborhood, Uzu and sake....

Bottles of water are often left outside peoples' doors and near gutters, in gardens and garages - as offerings? to quench the thirst of the dead? to keep pests away? I don't know...

my delicious homemade ume juice (plum) at OTIS! a tex-mex vegetarian option place that is very funky - when I walked in, I swooned, as they were playing Leonard Cohen...

writing on the OTIS! walls, dried cotton...

lots of gratitude from animation festival people on the walls...

funky still lifes

 vegan cake!

a little ring-bound book of photos sat on our table and one of the photos was this:

my lovely little banister in my "villa"

Yesterday, strolling through Peace Park on my way to catch the bus to the University to make cyanotypes and photograms, I became mesmerized by these amazing tree workers and spent an hour filming and photographing them....

the trees in peace park get a lot of attention and care but some still suffer - not sure why

this tailored tree outside of a temple smelled so sweet - lily of the valley or honeysuckle
the sweetness filled the air

art student dismantling her cardboard assignment in great light

 sun in the river
 the view from inside my favorite soba restaurant
 and here it is, again, the best soba in the world, cool, served with a delicious soy sauce and light sesame sauce, scallions and daikon.....when you finish slurping the noodles, you pour hot water in your sauces and sip them - divine...

 came to japan with only 3 pairs of shoes and I now have 7, including slippers...

 not sure if this place sells fabric or is just an orderly garage

my double shovel for Fukushima photogram finished today

  i stumble on a new shrine / temple every day

 selfie walking in the morning

 sardine sashimi by Tomo Ukon - divine

 the peace park Rest House, an A-Bombed building that was the fuel rationing hall at the time of the bombing

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