Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Bittersweet Last Week

There may be no rhyme or reason to this post. Random pleasures, finds, noticeable light......Tomorrow I go to a gallery-in-progress to install my work on freshly painted walls. Here is a picture of the wall a few days ago = blocked with Beuys bags full of gallery destruction bits and pieces. As I tell my students, most of being artist is "schlepping". I find myself in these unfinished, raw, alternative, previous factory-office-warehouse spaces frequently, somehow involved in the transformation.....happily so. The show is of 4 artists, including me and my friends Mari Ishiko (who is opening the gallery), Mayumi and a guy I have never met, Ari. His grandfather was in the two planes that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. He works for National Geographic and is here on a fulbright.

Mayumi's Iwaki wire basket used for collecting things in the garden...

Gallery building bathroom has this funny still life on the sink's mantle..

Gallery gets great light. Light that makes a dull box glow.

First install of some of my work, now talen down. 2nd install starts tomorrow.

One of the twins on my bed after a day of feasting and fun

The rabbit=poison=gas island again:

Green tea soba noodles, egg, pork, lemon slices and cayenne powder cones to put in hot broth to dip everything into, cooked on a steaming hot roof tile....delicious!

I have never seen so many ladders in a city before as I have in Hiroshima.

Mirei, my new friend and her daughter Maila in my room...

Maila on my bed. I love this picture.

Polipo pizza: pumpkin, ricotta, chestnuts, basil, mozzerella....

Polipo - the best whole fish I have ever had: lots of lemon, parsley and salt

Another Polipo pizza: zucchini, fish, cheese, tomato, wood fired...

Leona in my room, lovely girl, beautiful girl...

Maila in my bed - so cute and sweet....

Timeless Hiroshima....

World Friendship Center Dining Room


Mari and Kanade ripping up the gallery floor after a good cry and doughnuts. The most stylish laborers I have ever seen!

Seto Inland Sea

Happy Twins - love being with and watching them!

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