Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hiroshima Intersections : Install

Spent yesterday making cyanotypes on the curb of the World Friendship Center in the full sun, reading volume 9 of Barefoot Gen (only one more to go)....Here are some of the results. This is a copper crane:

Bundle of paper cranes from the World Friendship Center, a bell, a braid, a person in costume...

Some sort of cage from the gardening shed of the WFC, Merei and I think it looks like a house, open and not open, closed and not closed, a cage and not a cage...

cyanotypes drying in the room across the hall from me

A-bombed roof tile fragments and DUST

Maila or Leona's hands

Pruning Shears

Shinto straw twists / circles and paper to mark a holy site

Gallery install 1

Gallery Bathroom Door

Gallery collage wall

I thank Mirei and her girls for letting me see this copper crane shadow as a flying bird!

Leona or Maila's hair, 4th generation hibakusha (A-bomb Survivor) hair, generations, roots, lneage, ancestry, history, carrying on, hair is full of stories...

Leaning old door used as exhibition space

Gallery Install 2 - A-bombed roof tile fragments places at base of wall

 Gallery Stairs

After 8 straight hours of installing, I ran out to get food and found an Okonomiyaki place....
 my bedroom curtains

A-Bomb Dome at night, Peace Dome

 neighborhood girl painting

the neighborhood ladder I made a cyanotype of years ago...

triangles of light on my ceiling

emoty green tea bowl

all these men were on their hand held devices when i tried to take their picture, they acted

my morning taxi driver to the Nawate building is the grandson of Mr. Nawate who built the building!

Selfies on the way home, exhausted and full of soba, shrimp and egg + sake, a whole little bottle!

Matcha whisk

my dinner of soba, egg, shrimp, sauce and spices...yum! Yakisoba

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