Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, my last full day in Hiroshima, September 19, 2011

This is the bridge that had "deceitful images" burned into it; white shadows of the railing for the heat of the blast; historical reference and inspiration for the cyanotypes

The Palestine peace banner in the first floor Bank exhibition
New Zealand Banner, detail
Looking across the bank's roof to the emergency exit door from my exhibition room
Korean banner in the 1st floor exhibitionKiri's bedroom - love the bedspread
Kiri's guest, storage, laundry-drying room. See that big red plastic bag? It is full of amazing clothes! These are clothes she is getting rid of and she let me go through them and take whatever I want so now I have an extra big bag of cool clothes!!!!
Kiri and her boyfriend's living room. A very cool apartment!
Kiri, me and Michiko after an maazing traditional lunch: shrimp, zucchini, sardine tempura; teeny tiny white fish; potato juice to be poured over rice; pickled plum; seaweed and pickled vegetables; miso soup with rolled crepe strips; sashimi; soy sauce; wasabi; daikon radish; tempura sauce; shiso leaf.....
Kiri after eating a green tea ice cream cone.....
Ladders across the street from my room

Reception case in my show filled with "reject" cyanotypes
Gingko Nuts / Seeds / Fruit

The breakfast room curtains at the World Friendship Center
Another case of cyanotypes at my show: belt buckle, bottles, canteen, hair comb
Another case of cynaotypes: flowers; melted metal; leaves
Sadako Sasaki on the grass looking up at the Peace Dome with her new friend
The Peace Dome in a cartoon that plays all day on the 3rd floor of the bank, right down the hall from my show
BOOK OFF, my favorite thrift store, BUT they were closed most of last week and they renovated it, making it look more new and more difficult to navigate
THE BIGGEST PAINTING IN THE WORLD, a book by Hiromi Inayoshi, a book without pictures that people can fill with their own images and words

Sign for the bank at the entrance
Bank reflected in the building across the street
Architectural plans for the bank

Rubbing of the parquet floor in the above room and the bottom image is of the 1st floor
Parquet floor that I rubbed
1st floor banners

Bank after the bombing
and now. Nothing short of miraculous.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yesterday, Sunday in Japan is like every other day

Amazing lunch with Kiri at an Udon noodle shop: cold udon in a broth, topped with scallions and a barely poached egg, Unari (sweet tofu wrapped around rice with black sesame seed), and Onigiri - my favorite snack in Japan=crispy seaweed wrapped around a triangle pillow of rice stuffed with various things. Today it was stuffed with Umebishu (sp? pickled plum) paste.
tools on the side of the road
2 walls of my show - b+w are contact prints of rubbings of a-bombed surfaces
2 walls of new cyanotypes of a-bombed bottles + shovel and a u.s. orchard ladder + broom used to sweep Peace Park

typical sewer cover
crazy translation at the local okonomiyaki restaurant

leather cape at KAPITAL, a gorgeous and very expensive shop filled with handmade clothes, made in the next prefecture

Beautiful KIRI on her cell phone to her boyfriend asking about a good sushi or noodle shop. Even in 90+ heat she and many others wear leggings, thick socks, boots and layers. I had on a thin sleeveless dress and was drenched.
One of the artists at Kapital
one of the cases in my show
t-shirt for sale

fragments of the steel beam from the a-bombed Peace Dome
the bank from the side. My show is on the 3rd floor (taller part of the building) = the last 3 windows towards the back, the whole floor
Today is my last full day in Hiroshima. I will go and make a packing list for my friends (JoAnn + Larry, Michiko + Kiri + Kentaro) who will pack the show up to ship it back; lunch with Kiri and Michiko; some shopping + sushi for dinner.....