Monday, December 14, 2015

My last full day in Hiroshima, 2015

It's interesting that I sat near this girls day display of dolls every day and never appreciated it until now:

Barefoot Gen Volume 9.....ABCC  atomic bomb casualty commission (now RERF - radiation effects research foundation) is featured critically and prominently throughout Barefoot Gen and is the place that first brought us here in 2008 - where David worked and we lived and I felt like an imposter

New modernist bridge in background with old pre-A-Bomb bridge pill;are in foreground, Yokogawa Bridge

Charcoal, YES CHARCOAL, cake and green tea cream with chestnuts = oh yum!

the coolest most beautiful shop, CITE, across the street from NAWATE bldg where the Hiroshima Intersetcions show was ...

 Leona and a cyanotype of her hair! 4th generation hibakusha

Kiri's spanish xmas treats / gifts in the coolest paper...

Maila with a green tea milkshake!
My favorite piece, post-wolfgang laib - by Mayumi matsuo - sugar and salt

mirei and me, looking at this together right now after a small bottle of sparkling shiso sake!

Nameko mushrooms, tender, sweet, slippery and delicious - at Tomo's place

a-bombed roof tile fragments

 anti-capitalism mural in new orleans by Steve Wing, comrade

the newly released PICTURE magazine that features me and others, a John Pilson production

 the piece i bought
one piece of wood
stained / dyed with sappanwood

ume soba

 shiso and mushroom tempura

 washi paper on my favorite soba restaurant's walls

 yakiniku - my first and deliriously delicious time eating this grilled smorgasbord

 kimchi and cheese pancakes
 apricot sake

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