Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Deflated ball, bells of paper, persimmons and aloe vera yogurt

Wednesday, October 28 - Wow, the first month of my Fellowship is almost over - that went by quickly! Spent another day in the darkroom...such pleasure and process.....I am now 50 and have never hung my photographs up to dry - always use drying racks.....while this way is FAST, the clips leave little marks on the paper.....they dry so quickly...I can take the first batch down to take home and hang the 2nd bacth up! Here they are = photograms, some bleached and solarized, of deflated ball, bark and leaves from an A-Bombed tree,

bundles of paper cranes, Fukushma chestnut shells, teeth....

fragments of A-Bombed roof tiles, shovel, Fukushima propaganda, chain of paper cranes...

arrow stickers on the side of utility truck

neo-classical statue in the brutalist architecture of the art building / entire Hiroshima City University campus

Cardboard domiciles in progress for this weekend's campus festival

Charlie tells me that HCU has an amazing collection of important chairs. This must be one of them. I saw it through the divider walls in the gallery.....

Road work contraption

One of Charlie's 3D printed gems: Hiroko with a fox on her head -

Man taking notes at the hypocenter

Utagawa Kuniyoshi, an artist probably everybody knows, but today was the first day I ever took note of him, heard his name, looking through a big book in Charlie's studio

from the Edo period, late 1700s - 1800s - love his water

and his ladders....details

and lots and lots of boats - all for Laura Guinan and Nico and Guthrie......hints of Redon, Goya, Durer, Daumier.....


Octopi people

these turtle people really remind me of Odilon Redon

and this reminds me of William Blake and Janmot

lone leaf in the sun

the morning light in my villa

an amazing book that Lucy Richardson gave me - started it last night and it is amazing - am going to Nagasaki on Sunday so perfect timing..

there are always many children in Peace Park, going to the museum and memorials in droves with their teachers. Here is a group of schoolchildren listening to a Hibakusha (A-Bomb survivor) tell his story....

A man photographing the A-Bomb Peace Dome

Another man doing the same thing

This young man made this 3D study for a sculpture he pans to make with real silver buckets; he gave me his exquisite drawing for Guthrie of a dullock (sp?) from Dr. Who; he loves Robert Gober and is very nice....

this is one of his pieces glued to his studio door

Charlie insisted I try one of these boat chocolates and surprise! There is a little chocolate cookie/biscuit underneath - yum - Laura, will try to bring a bar home for you and Nico!

 Hiroshima Prefecture - a leaf on a snail

Loved this woman's dress but you can't really see it in this photo

the view from the 5th floor of the art building where the darkroom is

my villa hallway window

love this ladder in front of the yellow

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