Thursday, October 8, 2015

Repeat the Day / Take Two

Still Thursday, October 8

Between Facebook, Instagram, messages, email, living life, walking, lecturing at the University, buying paper to coat with cyanotype chemistry, I am usually too tired to write much here and hy photographs get all mixed up and deleted, restored, posted and shared, liked and is a selfie I took in a department store bathroom to show Kiri-san that I am wearing and loving the polka dotted dress she gave me when I arrived!

 the interior of the A-Bombed Peace Dome, off-limits
 Atomic Stonehenge
 A shrine in my neighborhood
 Mayumi making connections for me with artists in Fukushima. I go Saturday!
 A sign I very much wish I could take and call it my art.
 I love this tower - reminds me of Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.
 A temple on my way home - very LA.
 Want this store sign
 Elevator in the Sun Mall

 The center of the Art Building -= lots of concrete and traditional neo-classical figurative sculpture
 Sculpture yard - lots of abandoned half-finished and assignment pieces
 skull in and out of wood
 love this raccoonmaker
 her mom made her this case for her laptop, hand sewn velcro!
 and this raccoon head out of work gloves....

 selfie at bus center, waiting
 pattern for Joy Drury Cox
 in the river

 cracked sign

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