Saturday, October 3, 2015

Only Haikus from Yesterday

Too tired to write
more here - only photographs
like punctuation.

Chris Marker is here.
The black Cat. Cemetery.
The Future, the past, the now.

Transfixed by circles
made by sanding paint and time
away like dead skin

I make more circles
like bacteria craters
to remember more

Walking and looking
shocked by the disappearance
of whole lives by "growth"

Seventy years since
this all disappeared in war
Seventy years since

Now there is a park
named for peace, cleaned by workers
with carts and stick brooms

The gravestone toppled -
granite ball of sky and wind
heavy on the ground like guilt

The hypocenter -
paper cranes,  a gingko leaf
left at the now hospital 

People gather to
mourn the mound of dead ashes
once living people

The Rest House stands where
it stood then. A man survived
in the cold basement.

Elementary School Peace
Museum is here

To honor the dead
for the living, offering
a place for respite

 Messages were left
on the school walls for mother
to come find her daughter son

 This drum flew through air
like a hollow body flung -
the body sounding

The old school remains
surrounded by the new school
in the town center

The school became a
relief center for injured
hurt helping hurt

To walk out of time
into the now, the city
with shops and beauty

To see everything
through a lens of destruction
70 years past

A poet's house stands
 with an A-bombed tree weeping
leaves to the ground - moss

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