Monday, October 19, 2015

Fused Tea Cup, Willowy Bottles.....

It is still summer here - 80+ degrees. Here are a group of schoolkids walking past the A-Bombed Chinese Parasol tree right outside the Peace Museum

trees on my way home

 the A-Bombed Chinese Parasol Tree from underneath

wires on my way home:

shadows everywhere:

 shadow of a mother carrying her suffering / dead child monument/memorial

 rocks placed at a shrine - for Amy White

square in a garage for Joy Drury Cox

taking a picture

taxi ride home last nite

sunday morning's breakfast - green te and green tea cookie


river home 

laundry light circle shadow

brooms and rakes everywhere to tend to all the shrines and memorials

Hiroshima castle upside down in the moat


Jason Waite / Chim Pom panel at Hiroshima Prefecture Musuem DON'T FOLLOW THE WIND, an exhibitin no can see in the Fukushima exclusion zone - here is a banner that reads "Enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms from your car" in Fukushima on the most famous road for cherry blossoms:

Ai Wei Wei was in the show - here he is with Chim Pom

 Trevor Paglen too - Fukushima glass and trinitite from Trinity Site in New Mexico = radioactive post-minimalism

Chim Pom

live feed from Fukushima - for security to prevent robberies - 
you can not prevent the invisible radiation

eel restaurant

big food festival yesterday - delicious mushroom tea

Bernd Phoenix taking a picture of the Hiroshima Castle reflecting majestically in the moat water, with his handmade buckskin and beaded bag

late in the afternoon of the food festival

world friendship center glass window

can you see the jellyfish in the river?

late last nite:

Chim Pom and lots of others at an ORGAN MEAT restaurant, enough said

one of the artifacts that I made a cyanotype of - i like the object and this image of it more than the cyanotype

fused tea cup to broken saucer

 the new artifacts room at the Peace Museum

Mari has helped me make these cyanotypes since 2008. Only Ishiuchi Miyako and I have worked with her there in the archive as artists! I feel so lucky.

My onigiri lunch - ume plum hiroshima and Mackerel with shiso leaf

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