Thursday, October 22, 2015

Still Summer in Hiroshima

Friday, October 23 

There is a morning when you wake up in a foreign country and feel different, as if you finally live there. I live here now. I have my paths and try to take different routes every day. I walk miles a day in the hot sun. It took my going halfway around the world to get back into a darkroom (with a bright red sink) to play - having boxes of abandoned paper for my use helps! I feel like I am in college again when I am in the darkroom - making photograms of Fukushima chestnuts and plastic, Hiroshima A-Bombed roof tile these = some include propaganda from Fukushima, like this first one:

Someone left tiny acorns at this memorial / shrine

I am finally reading the 10 volume series of Barefoot Gen, a graphic novel written by Keiji Nakazawa, an A-bomb survivor from Hiroshima. It is truly amazing, disturbing, real and immersive.

every day there are moments like this, walking across one of the many bridges 
to meet Mari at the Peace Museum to make cyanotypes of A-Bombed artifacts in the sunshine garden. She believes I bring the sun to Japan. I love her smile, her dedication, her style - that blue apron! And she loves Ishiuchi Miyako as much as I do!

putting artifacts away until my visits in November

and some of the artifacts / cyanotypes that came out of that session:

 the view from Hiroshima City University Gallery -

even the Hiroshima toilet paper rolls make me happy

 temporary sculpture by me and Charlie - Hiroko made us take it down - boo hoo

student work

art building elevator

studio faculty show

these are all wood

There is beauty everywhere if you look up

 or straight ahead

or to your left

or at your feet at the bus center

i am drawn to any tree that has been cut down in Hiroshima and/or limb off of a tree. I see many city workers examining trees, in teams of 3, with cameras and notebooks and reference books, so I trust they have good/every reason


the best handmade soba ever - 100% buckwheat, sesame and soy dipping sauces with scallions and wasabi; when you are done slurping thes erefreshingly cold noodles, they bring you hot soba water to pour into your cups to drink seame and soy tea/broth - yum!

some of the hundred of schoolchildren that visit the peace park and museum every day - sitting in the shade

late night bar lobby

faculty video

2 recent collages

me posing in the sunshine garden while A-Bombed artifacts are exposed to the sun

persimmons drying

not a Yayoi Kusama wall but a wall I want

anago - river eel with a ginger stick dipped in dried shiso leaf

me drunk as a skunk with Tomo and his best friend

by the time i got hiome, i had fallen on my face - no more than 1 drink a nite for the rest of my time here

art department elevator before my fall

shadow of mother carrying dead child, peace park

my favorite cyanotype ever

the sign in the staff area of the peace museum for their break room

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