Monday, November 9, 2015

Brooms, treekeepers, Nagasaki flowers, Hiroshima by day and night

Monday, November 9 posting date, but images/videos of the last few days...

Above is one of the women who regularly sweeps Peace Memorial Park with one of those gorgeous brooms that I have fallen in love with. I am going to try to bring one home.

Here is Charlie Worthen scooping me a cup of sake from a cedar bushel with a bamboo ladle at the Shinto tradition at the University honoring the WIND / bellows - held in the forging/metal shop with an underground bellows to keep the coals burning hot......students prepare food and drink and people grab the mic and sing and act crazy. I ended up DJing with my iPhone and the mic and dancing like mad ....

ODEN, a simple broth with potatoes, a whole egg, daikon and other root vegetables; handmade udon noodles as good and chewy at spaetzle - all made by the students - and heaps of bottles of sake and fish as offerings.....embellished handmade hammers

There is something about the real thing and the representation of the thing
being in the same place at the same time that is surreal
unnerving .... and interrupted by life all around - from boats in the river
to schoolchildren drawing
beneath glowing gingko trees

I could not dream this shadow up

campus chairs - never have I seen anyone sit on them

view from campus

somewhat sad seeing these cardboard construction assignments come into being and then taken apart

cleaning cart in Peace Park

student work in progress / wet clay

clover sign at a closed place called CLOVER

paper peace crane spiral at the Japanese Aggression Museum in Nagasaki

my most recent cyanotype of 2 brooms:

I am tickled to find the flyer for my cyanotype workshop tomorrow (upper left) flanking the elevator with a flyer for Ishiuchi Miyako's lecture next week (to the right / the dress) ! totally uncanny and I am so excited....

2 girls at a train station somewhere between Nagasaki and Hiroshima

gloves at the atomic bomb victims remembrance hall in Hiroshima

a gold sweet train

my new haircut

Art student in keith Haring, Hiroshima City University

Gotta celebrate Canada this week for electing Trudeau!!!! Here is some beautiful Canadian money being held up by Charlie who is there now for the week..

so many mushrooms, so little time

 still of the test bombing in new mexico

forgive me if I have posted some of these before, but here is my latest photogram of a double broom

 flowers from Nagasaki


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