Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The more I look, the more I see

Wednesday, November 11

It all comes down to this: I love myself. I hate myself. I love this world. I hate this world.

Lunch today in Hiroshima City University Cafeteria for 400yen = $3.50: little dishes of warm sliced okra with scallions, tofu with bonito flakes and scallions, steamed pumpkin slices, bowl of rice.

+++++++++++++ all i can do is talk to myself and take too many photographs with too many cameras......awe.......this time is a gift......

Kiyoko Komeyoshi telling her A-Bomb survival story. I have never heard one in which ALL family members survive! Those little slippers on the table are like the ones she walked for hours in right after the bomb - over hot burning railroad tracls and charred is a map showing her route

And here she is patiently waiting for technology to catch up with her narrative...I will photograph her in front of the house her father built on the exact same spot where their house burned down from the A-bomb...

morning shadow of curtain

movie theater carpet

 lovely movie theater curtain

 lovely movie theater doors

 insane lunch of fried oysters; sashimi, salad with sesame ginger dressing, pickled vegetables, miso soup, rice, hot egg custard with mushrooms, gingko nut and shrimp

Catholic Cathedral pathway

Nagasaki Leaf folded

Chinese Parasol Leaf

"Punch Perm" thanks to Mariko Nagai for identifying the text

new hat happiness

 me and maggie, my friend, hostess, hotelier, volunteer

shinto temple tori gate made with sticks and leaves from 400 year old a-bombed camphor trees in Nagasaki, flanking the entrance to a shinto temple

hiroshima shrine

another Hiroshima shrine - too many to mention!

these lovely ladies were on the train - going to a festival to perform a traditional dance

O to be Vivien Maier

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