Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lonely Objects

From Saturday, November 14 - some new cyanotypes
Mari calls these "lonely objects"
She told me that Ishiuchi Miyako talks to the objects as she photographs them

cyanotypes drying in the room across the hall

  1.  teacup fused to a broken plat from the heat of the Abomb

A-Bombed Bottles on hand coated paper like psychedelic bomblets or blue rain

fake crepes that look like sweet pizza slices
on display in a mall 
  fake wheat same mall

book on Jan Svenkmeyer's Alice in Wonderland

bar still life

morning shadows and reflections

interior dressing room door at Ne-Net

Mari's stylish black furry ankle boot sneakers. Or should I say "fashionable"? That's what everyone calls me here - ha! THEY have style! 

I said I loved Dumplings so Bo Jacobs brought me to the most amazing Gyoza place 

cleaned out my room for the arrival of 18 Saudi Arabian students
and then a couple left early so I didn't have to move over to Bo and Carol's afterall.

hedgehole from a taxi after MAC bar - dancing to Violent Femmes

Temple in a mall

working with Mari-san who make all this possible - Ishiuchi Miyako says the same thing - withour Mari, none of this work would be by Mayumi

Mayumi, a painting Professor at HCU who studied with my sister Susanne years ago at Carnegie Mellon., brought 2 of her students who wanted to see me work in the Peace Museum's Sunshine Garden

either from walking so too much (but loving it) or carrying my portfolio bag heavy with big cyanotype paper and prints, or sleeping on a thin bed on a tatami mat, my back went out and this Chinese Doctor Masseuse Man cured me....

served us jasmine tea before the massage - US = Yoshi Kubota, a wonderful woman who uverheard me at the Peace Museum talking with Mari about finding a good massage. She works there too and lived in North Carolina when she was in high school for a year!!!!!!

super cool tea spot with art books and 6$ matcha

I got to sleep 2 nights in the main house/building of the World Friendship Center - these mice greet you at the top of the stairs

my door in the villa where I usually stay

my temporary door

temporary bed

for Paris and the world = how to stop the madness: PUT DOWN ALL WEAPONS

tram style - striped and plaid and red combat boots

LOVE this young woman / salesgirl at Ne-Net

Guests' shoes - oh the smell

Hiroshima from PARCO mall

schoolboy in uniform asleep on the tram

dinner after the fundraising board meeting at which I was a special guest with all my "bright ideas"

asparagus tempura

my new beautiful friends who were in a play called The Grandchildren of Hiroshima for which kids interviewed survivors

wet tree at night

Pounding Mochi 

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