Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The more I see, the more I look

2nd post for Wednesday, November 11 === have you ever eaten GINGKO NUTS??? they are delicious........and the following pix are the rest of that dinner at my favorite resto in the hood - Chef Tomo presiding:
age dashi tofu

 our view - peppers, yuzu and radish

 fish chips


 best udon ever

this is a crazy busy week working on cyanotypes, workshop, making cyanotypes at the university and tomorrow at the Peace Museum, having to move my stuff out of my tatami mat dream room for 2 days as 18 saudi arabians come to stay. i'll stay at bo + carol's house - lucky me.......planning for my trip to and show in Tokyo at the end of the month....time is going by so fast.....

Sign I moved from inside of Charlie's door to outside so I would know which door was his....
 sculpture area is full of possibility and realized projects - so inspiring

 Yusuke - who gave me his beautiful dollock (dr. who) drawing for guuthrie got one of my photograms in trade and offered me a butter candy from this bag

collage: Sometimes I am Tired of Being Swept under the Carper

 collaage: Underexposed / Overexposed

 amazing crane device for moving huge tonnage of art

 bundle of paper craned from the world friendship center that i use for cyanotypes and photograms

 my bedroom curtains in the morning

 my new broom cyanotype - I must thank Diego Cortez for curating this unmade piece into the tokyo show because it forced me to make this and i love it - even on this textured soft paper (a mistaken choice)

 and the new shovel - also with Gratitude to Diego for curating this one too!

 sculpture area - they work BIG and BOLD and seriously

one art building elevator is covered in felt - gray felt - Joseph Beuys spirit hovering - 

 and there is braille and i swoon

 found perfection - a series of weather stains on the sculpture building

 gingko carper at a memorial

for Amy White - memorial characters filled with gingko leaves

inside a student's locker

student in metal shop

faculty sculpture in process

 also for Amy White - a burned and worn piece of wood used for forging

 imagine this custom built shower/bath

 collage: Modern Japanese Architecture

collage" Surrender

collage: Comfort Women

Collage" Hiroshima / Nagasaki

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