Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Visionary Focusers, Cats, Owls, Stones

All of sudden I am so busy with new friends and old friends, visiting galleries and shows, doing workshops and getting train tix to Tokyo, trying to schedule another show of my work here in Hiroshima, having dinner with photographic heroines (Ishiuchi Miyako) and hearing her lecture......So today I showed students how to coat their own cyanotype paper and then went to the Izumi Museum - a very special out-of-the-way place run by the daughter of a man who owns shopping malls in Hiroshima and is 93 years old and wanted to share his art collection with the community. The museum is free and is on the top floor of a newish building. They had an architect redesign the original office space into a fabulous art museum, complete with a cafe that serves the best green tea swirl cake and apple tart = looking out into a rooftop Japanese garden ...

 I think the curator has a pretty dreamy job: curating shows from the man's collection in a smaller Japanese style gallery and 5-6 shows in the larger more modern space. The current show - that the Director invited me to come see yesterday at Ishiuchi's lecture - is "Art Brut / outsider art / folk art / self-taught artists" = 4 autistic artists and 2 "mentally differentally abled" artists. This man is only 23 years old and makes astoundingly focused and repetitive marks that form into a spiritual whole, a magical field of color and dots, pdychedelic restraint....

a true visionary for a better holistic world

the ourageously good (almost German) apple tart and the green tea swirl cake with lemon tes

a car made of dead leaves

mad cats

from the man's collection - bellflowers or balloon flowers

cool dog

the rooftop garden with soil installed on top of styrofoam due to weight concerns on a flat roof

this artist reminds me so much of Paul Klee and Hundertwasser

the final piece in the show was my favorite and I will call it a masterpiece....

look at the floor and the cat's body....

a textile piece

a magical owl

a separate show of posters from a design competition

the stones places where people may trip and fall - so perfect

I just managed to catch my bus this rainy morning because i couldn't help myself - took pictures on the way, fall is suddenly upon us here after a long long long late summer...

Houses on the way up the hill to HCU from the bus stop

illustration poster at HCU

A print I bought today for $100 - a fox trying to catch a flame

a plate of a buddhist sutra by a printmaking professor 

stopped to shoot this - as rich as my cyanotype blues

and she is the one making the fox prints - watch these!

a carpet of fallen leaves this morning

Detail of Mayumi Matsuo's studio - sugar-usa/salt-japan / kinetic piece - stay tuned

here is Mayumi - who studied with my sister Susanne at Carnegi Mellon years ago. We realized today that we were MFA students at the same time but I was at SAIC. She is showing me these beautiful photographs of "water" - water collected from the recent mudslides and floods in Hiroshima, from Fukushima and green tea...

she knit around the frame of a picture of herself as a little girl for a different show

a print in process of self=portraits throughout the years

the kinetic piece - the disks spin - about japanese american mixing and differences

bushels for sake!

wanted to photograph these benches in the underground shopping arcade but people were sitting on them and they would not have made good pictures and I found this one on campus today!

street style on a rainy day

a garden at one of those traditional houses above

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