Friday, November 20, 2015

Constant Observation : Magic, Shadows and Light

under an awning waiting for a tram in the rain

Art Department Door - poster

Riverboat restaurant

 I did not touch this
This pink Camellia had fallen just so
a speck of a center eye
a cup of tongues
amidst a field of damp brown

yummy salty sweet seaweed dusted and sugar coated cookie crackers
i ate the whole bag in one sitting

very odd wall sculpture

Seriously, once a crow dropped a big rock at me, Bernd and Maggie and it split open on the pavement. If it had landed on one of our heads - ouch!

Sunmall Train Store

Mayumi, Ari, Mari and me will have a one week show - December 6 - 13, Hiroshima Intersections - in a new space, yet to be named - the first show in an unfinished but cool space.

this is the architect that will design, build the new gallery space

tomorrow and Sunday:

I had never seen one of these parking garages in action

my morning hand holding my key

This is what I wrote yesterday when I found out my father-in-law died

For my Father-in-Law, in Memory of Barrie Richardson
Who left this world at 1am
when I was dreaming of him;
the man who was a magician -
could make things disappear and reappear -
like a photographer;
my husband's father who loved
everything I did
and told me;
who gave me books about optical illusions,
visual tricks and Secret Knowledge;
sent our boy his childhood wooden box stuffed with
coins and magic tricks.
I woke up to the news alone
halfway around the world;
my children who call him PapaBear
are home with my mother, their grandmother, Oma;
I walked the river to meet Kiyoko,
a hibakusha (A-bomb survivor),
making photographs the whole way - reflections, red leaves,
heavy stones in the mud - every single thing,
every single piece of light
full of him, Mr. Magic;
Kiyoko finds me on the riverbank
and we walk in silence
as we do not speak each other's languages;
She walks me to the place where her family home burned down
in 1945, the place where her father built their new house
and where her brother built a new house in 1990
and still lives.
I photograph her standing in front of hundreds of blooming flowers
that her brother keeps -
each flower an offering to the spirit that is hovering;
they invite me inside for green tea and momoji -
sweet cakes in the shape of a maple leaf filled with bean paste;
Their mother lived to be 103;
We speak of death and luck -
how her brother was only 3 months old at the time of the A-bomb
so he is lucky to remember nothing;
She was 10 years old and still has nightmares;
I tell them - the translator tells them -
that my father-in-law died in the night
and they understand;
We sit at a long table in a room that reminds me
of my Oma's room in Germany;
There is a picture of their mother at 101 on the wall;
They drive me home and I rush off to the Peace Museum
to expose A-bombed artifacts - bottles, teapots and cups -
to the sun on cyanotype paper;
I told Mari about my magician father,
how he came to an opening reception of this work
and how he found it, me, our children, life - magical
and he wrote letters about it, told us over the phone
and in person and how this process is alchemical,
optical, illusionistic - magical and how he would love
to watch the whole process;
So we worked for Barrie today and as the sun rested
behind clouds, transforming the shadows of objects
into soft abstractions, we ached;
Mari tells me she loves me,
"I love you"
and that is Barrie, right there
right here
right now
and this is what came to be -
an old teapot pouring light into a teacup
like an electrical current,
illuminated air,
the glowing spirit of objects
once loved.
Magicians are doing tricks all over the world
in his memory.
His children grieve together in Louisiana
where he died
with one eye open.
In loving memory.

Peace Museum plaza being retrofitted to be up to earthquake code

Sayuri has an American boyfriend and she will go visit him for a month in New Jersey. She is so "fashionable" stylish beautiful and nice - the biggest, warmest smile

for John Williams

I really want to go see this skirt/suspenders outfit but i think it is over $500.......

Christmas comes early to Japan

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