Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sardine Tempura, Plum Wine, Cold Soba

Still 100 degrees. My sister Madeleine arrived tonight after a full day of work. Found out the opening is now 3-5pm (instead of 5-7 which was instead of 7-9). At this rate, I'll be surprised to see myself there. I have 6 hours to install the whole show! Anyway, made some amazing big cynaotypes today (and was crushed by the 20+ small ones that did not work due to bad packaging on the paper supplier end - not light safe bags!)

Here is the making of the shovel - for Joseph Beuys

My sardine tempura with plum sake

A-Bombed pliers
Schoolyard soccer at night - at the rebuilt A-Bombed school
Mari + me
checking the cynaotypes
Mari + my cyanotypes in the making
Fragments of the steel beams from the A-Bomb Peace Dome
A-Bombed bottles

Crazy sign at a tire shop in my neighborhood
Doorway at my little neighborhood sushi place
Side of a truck - for John Williams
Brooms at dusk - I may make another cyanotype of one of these tomorrow
A-Bombed school

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