Friday, September 9, 2011

First Full Day in Hiroshima, Saturday Morning

Kiriko, JoAnn and Larry Sims, Michiko and her Husband-Chauffeur who picked me up at the Hiroshima airport. Here we are in the dining room of the World Friendship Center upon my arrival last night, eating birthday cake, a cool white cake filled with light cream and fruit. Kiriko holds the 2 candles in her hands - a 4 and a 6. I am 46! I ate the cake after 2 lovely triangular pillows of crispy seaweed wrapped rice filled with salmon and vegetables.

I woke up at 2:30am, back to sleep, up at 7am and out my window a man arrives to work:

This is my bedroom:

For breakfast: muesli, yogurt, toast, fresh kiwi, pineapple and oranges, coffee, grapefruit juice and an amazing 2 hour conversation with the current directors of WFC (World Friendship Center, a non-profit organization working for world peace) and Janice McCullom who grew up across the street from David's Uncle John Philips in Des Moines, Iowa = a small and beautiful world! Janice is here from Seoul, Korea where she teaches English.

Off to my favourite thrift shop in the entire world: Book Off, directly across the street from where my show will be = lucky lucky me.

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