Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Night

Flying over tokyo at night it looked like cracked ice, the strings of light cracks, slivers of ice dust, glowing black and molecular, here is a sign for something on a wall...
Under the Hirshima Peace Memorial Museum - a stage set for a film I want to make. This museum was being built during the making of the film Hiroshima mon Amour
Parking garages offer such Arte Povera, Kiki Smith, art teeth
or Beuys, Eva Hesse, yes
lost umbrella at the former Imperial Bank of Japan

Found wall paintings - why would anyone try to make something this good when they are everywhere by accident?

Color Field installations in the basenent of the a-bombed bank

A silent video of the west side of Hiroshima
Very cool zoetrope about Fukishima. Met the artist, Horio Mitsuru, very nice. He has built camera obscuras like me too. He'll come to my show and the lecture with his students! He was exhibiting about 7 zoetropes and they were all makeshift and amazing, especially this one and the one that appeared to be white butterflies fluttering over a landscape but when you look closely, the butterflies are the symbol for radiation.
Old wall in bank basement.
The current exhibition at the former bank where my show is next....
Paper cranes - after Lisa Ross
Shadows of curtains on my hallway floor
the curtains themselves, both somehwat splendid
Barbara Reynolds founded the World Friendship Center. She claimed to be a Hibakusha (a-bomb survivor) in solidarity with the Hibakusha.
This is the new memorial to her in Peace park.

Here is a Hiroshima house;

and another;
2 more - love the polka dots (holes through the exterior wall)!
2 more houses in my neighborhood
typical street scene

a window
a sign for yarn
tea seeping in the morning
Exhausted with heat rash, blisters and a tummy full of tempura and sake.

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