Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My sister saves the day!

I am so happy that my sister Madeleine came from Hong Kong with her carpenter partner Ian and his lovely daughter Lily from New Zealand. Today they helped me lug heavy walls, cases and mounting devices up into the 3rd floor room for my show. It is 100+ degrees here. We managed to put together 1 wall before the city ordered me to stop because technically I am not allowed to start installing until Saturday at 10am, the day of my show, opening at 3pm = 5 hours to install a whole show, even though the room is empty until then! Regardless, I am relieved. I went and found clips, wire, archival double-stick mounting squares, screwdrivers, tape, a long pole for my gargantuan banner of Hiroshima leaves that will hang from the 3rd floor balcony down into the ground floor. About to faint from the heat, humidity, jetlag lack of sleep, I grabbed lunch: crustless white bread with egg salad, fried shrimp, lettuce and ketchup - the worst meal so far, but it did the trick. Now I will rinse some more big cyanotypes before my 5pm lecture at the Hiroshima Peace Institute. I could not be doing this without the help of so many people =
T H A N K Y O U !

(Photos to be posted later.)


fotomm55 said...
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fotomm55 said...


excellent photos of the surrounding area and the works in progress - i hope you'll share them when you return. i'm sure the show will be excellent.


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