Monday, September 12, 2011

"New straw for the old broom..." - Mountain Goats

Am I dreaming? I believe this is a bank called WORKERS FIRST.

I love this dress.
Typical style
Streetsweeper cart
Peace Memorial Museum Courtyard through the 3rd floor offices hallway window
Peace Museum
Noguchi Bridge
Text at the Memorial to the Victims of the Atomic Bomb, Municipal Girls High School

Steve Leeper, Chairman, Board of Directors, Peace Memorial Museum and Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation + Yasuko Okane, my interpeter/translator for my upcoming lecture Thursday night. We met for a crazy delicious lunch at Otis, a Mexican-Japanese restaurant where I had homemade plum juice, brown rice with vegetarian lasagna served with sauteed peppers, potato salad, cabbage/tomato salad, a pickled vidalia onion and hot Chai...

My latest cyanotype of a twig broom drying on the tatami mat in the empty room next door. I am disappointed that the middle panel is lighter and I am perplexed by it as I exposed and processed the 3 sheets exactly the same way, but maybe, as the Dutch visitors say here, it is a blessing in disguise, more interesting?
Steve Leeper riding the broom

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