Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yesterday, Sunday in Japan is like every other day

Amazing lunch with Kiri at an Udon noodle shop: cold udon in a broth, topped with scallions and a barely poached egg, Unari (sweet tofu wrapped around rice with black sesame seed), and Onigiri - my favorite snack in Japan=crispy seaweed wrapped around a triangle pillow of rice stuffed with various things. Today it was stuffed with Umebishu (sp? pickled plum) paste.
tools on the side of the road
2 walls of my show - b+w are contact prints of rubbings of a-bombed surfaces
2 walls of new cyanotypes of a-bombed bottles + shovel and a u.s. orchard ladder + broom used to sweep Peace Park

typical sewer cover
crazy translation at the local okonomiyaki restaurant

leather cape at KAPITAL, a gorgeous and very expensive shop filled with handmade clothes, made in the next prefecture

Beautiful KIRI on her cell phone to her boyfriend asking about a good sushi or noodle shop. Even in 90+ heat she and many others wear leggings, thick socks, boots and layers. I had on a thin sleeveless dress and was drenched.
One of the artists at Kapital
one of the cases in my show
t-shirt for sale

fragments of the steel beam from the a-bombed Peace Dome
the bank from the side. My show is on the 3rd floor (taller part of the building) = the last 3 windows towards the back, the whole floor
Today is my last full day in Hiroshima. I will go and make a packing list for my friends (JoAnn + Larry, Michiko + Kiri + Kentaro) who will pack the show up to ship it back; lunch with Kiri and Michiko; some shopping + sushi for dinner.....

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