Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yoko Ono + Okonomiyaki Sunday

September 11, 2011: The Century with Mushroom Clouds: project for the 20th Century (Manhattan) 1998(2008), Cai Guo-Qiang at the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art (permanent collection) along with an amazing solo show by Yoko Ono, Road Of Hope...

Nobuyoshi Araki's Flowers 2 Hiroshima, 2009

Yoko Ono's field of dirt with binoculars to see the posters: War Is Over; Give peace a Chance; Peace
Man looking through Yoko Ono's binoculars

Yoko Ono's room full of corpses and paper cranes, detail

Room of corpses with Invisible People in the next the moment of a FLASH

Invisible People - a dark room full of plastic people with opposite wall projections of the destroyed city of Hiroshima and these bank steps on the other. In the Peace Museum they have these steps on display because a person's shadow was left on them after being incinerated. Every so often there is a blinding flash....

Kiri san and me. I met Kiriko in 2008 at grin - a very cool clothing store and we became friends. She now works at the museum and will be helping me with my show.
Kiri san looking professional and gorgeous!

Kiriko working the desk with Yoko Ono's mother wall...

One of the museum's stairwells - bags of Yoko Ono paper cranes in bags below. People are invited to make paper cranes in the lobby with special Yoko Ono paper and the cranes are dispersed throughout the show.

Museum window

Yoko Ono's room of doors, text and cranes
Janis McCullom, my new friend and Uncle John Philips neighbor from Des Moines, now living in Seoul, Korea. She made my day much more fun!

Yoko Ono's trees of wishes
Here I am reading some of other peoples' wishes, mostly for peace
Here I am placing my wish on the tree: May we work towards and know a better world.

Okonomiyaki - the most traditional and popular dish of Hiroshima
My favorite Okonomiyaki chef
JoAnn and Larry Sims, Directors of the World Friendship Center in Hiroshima, from Oregon at one of my favorite restaurants up near the Mitaki Temple
A lovely happy buddha boy

Crazy angry Buddha

Tree mushrooms
Temple Tender
Mitaki Temple window
Water Buddhas

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